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Airbnb Money Hacks REPLAY (VIP)

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4 Day Bootcamp


-30 minute Q&A daily 

-Recording of event (Value: $179)

-Free 6 Segment Training Course (Value: $200)

  • Segment - AirBNB 
  • Segment 2- Business Formation 
  • Segment 3- Personal Credit
  • Segment 4- Business Credit
  • Segment 5- Budgeting 
  • Segment 6- Affiliate Marketing 

Day 1

- How to locate properties with AirBNB listings in them

- How to know your profit before filling out an application 

- Short term leasing benefits over long term 

- How to communicate with properties 

-Corporate script/ Residential script 

Day 2

- Responding to “no short term rentals / AirBNB” on lease 

- How to furnish your unit before getting your keys 

- Furnishing your unit to increase profits

- Furnishing add ons to increase bookings 

-How to get immediate bookings 

- How to get 5 star reviews. 

- How to become a super host 

Day 3

- Hiring your staff

- Using your cleaners as co-hosts 

-Cleaners order of operations

- Systems for success 

- How to make an extra $500 per month/ per unit off your cleaners 

-How to make money when guests damage your property 

- How to win all your damage claims with AirBNB 

- Filing a claim 

Day 4

 - How to keep your unit booked every day 

- How to pay all of your expenses with your weekend bookings 

- Beating the AirBNB algorithms

- How to autopilot your business

- Scheduled messages & quick replies 

-How to get bad reviews removed 

- How to communicate with guests

- The power of welcome gifts 

- Choosing your unit size 


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Airbnb Money Hacks REPLAY (VIP)

0 ratings
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